Current and Potential Customers


How does WESTCO give back?

The West Central Ohio Port Authority operates as a non-profit which is why we can maintain such low rates.  The money received is put back into the rail, bridges, and crossings to ensure proper and efficient service.  Check out WESTCO's past major rehabilitation projects.

Plans for WESTCO's Future

Through the maintenance fee that is collected based on carloads, WESTCO will use those funds combined with grant and loan funds from various state and federal resources to fulfill the necessary repairs needed.  Check out the 5 Year Outlook/Rail Development Plan that details the future of WESTCO.

Where can WESTCO take your goods?

WESTCO owns 94 miles of railroad track in Champaign, Clark, Fayette, Logan, and Madison counties. Through Genesee & Wyoming and the Indiana and Ohio Railway (IORY), we are able to transport your goods throughout North America.  Check out the WESTCO System Map, the IORY System Map and the WESTCO Counties Served Map.

What does WESTCO ship?

WESTCO primarily transports agriculture products such as corn, soybeans, and fertilizer. In addition, WESTCO also ships salt, plastic, and manufacturing items. While most of our carloads are supported by agronomy, WESTCO does possess the capabilities to transport any commodity that can be transported by rail. 



Transportation! Delivery! Service!

WESTCO values the opinion and input of its' customers to ensure the highest quality of service. Having problems? Fill out the Customer Incident Form and let us know how we can resolve your issue. If you are needing to run utilities through WESTCO property or use WESTCO owned right of way, please contact us to fill out the appropriate paperwork.



Looking to locate on WESTCO rail?

With rail in Logan, Champaign, Clark, Madison and Fayette Counties, there are plenty of opportunities for new rail spurs and new customers.  If you are looking to locate along the rail or at the new megasite in Jeffersonville, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer of WESTCO, Louis Agresta at 937-521-2134 or by e-mail at